We’re only here briefly. And while I’m here, I want to allow myself joy. So fuck it.
- Amy (Her, 2013)

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This is a thing that is happening, again. For those wondering what it is, i have been working on a queer makeup theory photo series with Tayler for about/over six months based on my approach 2 feminist makeup & monstering etc. Some of my readers were the models, lots of my friends and just people I generally find interesting. I’ll talk more about the project as the date gets closer. 
For those who have asked, it is all ages, and also an open bar (obviously that will be monitored so no 15 yr olds get drunk because of us, lol). There will be dj sets from our friends — people you will recognize i think — and maybe some cool limited edition stuff to buy, also. 
Please come and bring your friends! It’s a party and you’re invited. 
Here’s the FB event page, share w/ ur friends.
Dae last summer
pretty stranger from last summer
Anonymous: what camera do you use?




rebekahseok is here and i’m gonna ruin her into something wonderfully ugly 

Rebek bby

Yesterday was both amazing and traumatizing. Arabelle, Idk. feel I have yet to forgive you

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Marija from Frame for Third Looks
Third Looks
Marija for Third Looks