Another sneak peak of the project me and Eri are working on
another sneak peak ㅋㅋ

sneak peak project with rebekah
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sneak peak project with rebekah
"catch me if you can"
photo by me illustration by erithemermaid 
Eri’s girl with me in PA
Eri’s girl with me in London 
Anonymous: where are the rose jackets from

*they’re not roses

The thing is, photography is such a technology riddled art form, that the ability to take an OK photograph without years and years of training is a relatively easy thing to do, and has been since the 1880s. Though the feeling I get is that when photographers dismiss other photographers by being too snapshotty, it is kind of like them saying “Hey asshole! Don’t you know that we are suppose to have expensive digital cameras, a ton of studio strobes, a big tripod and $2500 lenses to take photographs that grandma literally cannot replicate the look of with her old point & shoot camera from 1987? Quit letting the peasants feel like they can be an artist too without making the same financial investments we have!”

Dismissal Via Snapshot | Kip Praslowicz (via photographsonthebrain)

I love when people get surprised by how elitist art, especially photography, can be. It has always been that way, I’m just surprised we are still letting all this bullshit be the standard.

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Akito Nara
Akito Nara
Akito Nara
…to those who have not, perhaps, worked their way fully into their tasks… I wish that they may keep joyfully to the road of long learning until that deep, hidden self-awareness comes, assuring them (without their having to seek confirmation of others) of that pure necessity, by which I mean a sense of inevitability and finality in their work. To keep our inward conscience clear and to know whether we can take responsibility for our creative experiences just as they stand in all their truthfulness and absoluteness: that is the basis of every great work of art…
- Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet

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